Shot clocks are needed

High school sports serve not only as a social gathering for students or a showcase of students’ talents but also as a source of excitement for anyone watching.  Although high school basketball is entertaining to begin with, implementing a shot clock can elevate it’s entertainment value.  Spectators of sports love watching late-game comebacks or final […]

King’s Proclamation: The Big Ten

West Lafayette is in the heart of the nation’s most respected group of teams, the Big Ten conference. Since it was established in 1896, the Big Ten always had one or two championship contenders each year. Over the last few years the conference has been especially great in basketball, over the last 8 years the Big […]

Athletes take time out

Clarification:  This week, The Scarlette published a photo in our print edition with this article that was misleading.  The photo was intended to be an artistic image for illustrative purposes, to add a visual element to the story.   As it appeared, it was not clear that it was an illustration.  It was not meant to […]

Teammate chemistry is at its max

“It’s nice to have played with Parker for so long, there’s kind of a chemistry.  We both understand football pretty well and if either of us see something, we can easily talk it out and see whats happening.  It’s nice because we both are on the same page all the time,” said Woodard. “Because we’ve […]

Spring Sports in a Nutshell

  The greatest basketball player to ever play, Michael Jordan, once said “I play to win, whether during practice or a real game. And I will not let anything get in the way of me and my competitive enthusiasm to win.” West Lafayette athletes take the same mindset.  As the second semester reaches the midway […]

Grace Malone ’14: The Amazing Grace

Ever since she was young, Grace Malone has been playing and dominating every sport that she could get her hands on. Whether it be soccer, track, softball, swimming, or gymnastics, Malone has been highly active and working hard to make herself one of West Side’s most prominent athletes. “She’s just really hard-working, and always positive […]

March Madness lives up to its name

When the seasons change from winter to spring, college basketball fans everywhere think of a couple of things more than anything else. One thing  is the fact that the season is almost over which means their favorite seniors  will be graduating and some exceptional stars will leave to be drafted into the NBA.  But most […]

Charles Vaughan ’17 is making a splash

While the extent of many freshmen’s worries consists of figuring out where their classes are, Charles Vaughan ’17 is focused on state medals, school records, and cementing his name into the West Lafayette swimming history book. Vaughan, a Central Catholic transfer, said that his start in swimming came in the form of a safety precaution on Lake Freeman. “I almost fell in the lake […]

Top 5 sports moments of 2013


Lorelei Turner’15 bounces back

Lorelei  Turner’15 is dedicated to her sport and fought through injuries in order to keep playing.  Turner is a starting player on the basketball team.  Her sports career was temporarily slowed down by a torn ACL her freshman year, but that didn’t stop her from coming right back to the game. “I love the game, I […]

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