Lorelei Turner’15 bounces back

Lorelei  Turner’15 is dedicated to her sport and fought through injuries in order to keep playing.  Turner is a starting player on the basketball team.  Her sports career was temporarily slowed down by a torn ACL her freshman year, but that didn’t stop her from coming right back to the game. “I love the game, I […]

Turn your offseason on

Whether they have an offseason that lasts most of the year or no offseason at all, athletes in every sport can struggle with making their offseason (or lack of one) work for them. Brandon Watt ’14 plays a sport year-round, starting with football in the fall, transitioning into swimming in the winter, and ending with […]

Girls’ soccer wins State

  A state championship for any sport is the culmination of endless hours of effort and tremendous amounts of teamwork.  On November 2nd, Coach Aaron Blessing and his girls soccer team achieved just that with a 2-0 win against Gibson Southern in the class A final at Michael A. Carroll stadium. “We talked about winning […]

Cross Country Runs to State Meet

The last Saturday of October, the cross country state meet was held at the LaVern Gibson Sports Center in Terre Haute.  Twenty-four teams as well and individuals competed for dominance.  “We worked hard this year,” said girls’ captain Hayley Yocum ’14. The team started practice mid-summer and has been running six days a week since. […]

Winter Sports in a Nutshell

  Many West Lafayette Fall sports teams ended their season with a favorable ending.  Girl’s soccer won their first ever class A state championship, boy’s and girl’s cross country finished ninth and fourth respectively at state, and volleyball brought home a sectional title.  As winter sports quickly approaches, the teams participating hope to continue this […]

Caleb Smith: The man behind the chant

  “SMITH! SMITH! SMITH!” This chant echoed through the gym of basketball games last year, but most students who participated in the chant didn’t know why they were chanting, or how the chant started.  The one thing they did know was that when it started, a player came off the bench and went into the game. […]

Sports superstitions continue

There are lots of things that West Side sports teams consider to be traditions, they can be anything from wearing special clothes on game days to having special rituals right before they play.  Some athletes directly relate these traditions to wins or losses.  If it works, why change it?

Is rivalry pure hatred or just good competition?

If you ask any student at West Lafayette Jr./Sr. High School involved in sports for their opinion of Central Catholic, they will respond with a simple “I hate them”.  Most people don’t have a concrete reason for hating them, but they just do.  Today, these two schools collide for a cross-town rivalry match up.  The […]

Should we pay college athletes?

The NCAA, originally founded by Theodore Roosevelt on March 31, 1906, was created to entertain the public and to give college students a chance to play sports competitively. Now, many people wonder if these athletes should be compensated. Payment for college athletes has been getting lots of attention mostly because of Johnny Manziel, last year’s Heisman trophy […]

Athletes ask for more Support

West Side is an establishment of education  that is not only known to flourish in academic arenas but sport activities as well. All the student athletes sacrifice their time and their energy, never letting go of their resilience, so as to thrive in whatever sport they play. According to student athletes, support, love and appreciation […]

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