Get the scoop on Drake Danford

  Drake Danford talks about his life as a basketball player. To senior Drake Danford, basketball was a sport that came naturally. Having played basketball almost his entire life. Although he played football and baseball until junior high, basketball is the sport that stuck. His ability to create offense and his competitive nature makes him […]

A fish out of water: Featured athlete Kaitlin La Plant

  In junior high and freshman P.E., each class is required to spend a unit swimming. Many complain: the water is too cold, changing is awkward, swimming is too hard. On the flip side, there are always those kids who feel comfortable in the water, and dive right in like they were born with flippers […]

West Lafayette’s Get’cha head in the game: girls’ basketball team prepares for the coming season.

  Kayla Jones perfecting her free throw during practice. By Abby Bien Dribble.Shoot.Swish. Coming off of a tough loss in the first round in sectionals last year, the girls’ basketball team is practicing hard to make sure that does not happen again. With more conditioning added to practices, the team’s goal according to junior Kayla […]

Teachers and the sports they played

CLICK TO SEE THE ANSWERS! 1)      Heiser                      A) cross country, basketball, track, baseball.                        2)      Stearns                    B) ran track and hurtles   through the G.A.A. . 3)      Bentlage                 C) Swim team, Water Polo captain.          4)      Aufderhide            D) volleyball, track. 5)      Laydon                    E) competitive cheer and dance. 6)      Yoder                       F) football.   ANSWERS: 1) C 2) F […]

Swords Clash

 The sound of clanging metal is heard throughout the room, but this isn’t a movie set–this is West Side’s Fencing Club. The club started in 2003 at Jeff and moved to West Side when the sponsor, Mr. Levy, began teaching here in 2006. It aims to give students the opportunity to learn and compete in […]

Ready, Set, Spike!

  West Lafayette High School is full of Red Devil Pride, especially for the girls’ volleyball team. This year, the girls’ season has been full of success. Other teams might say they’re as good as they can be, but they just don’t understand what goes into making a winning team like the West Lafayette Red […]

Brody Forbes kicks his way to success

  At just five foot six and 145 pounds, junior Brody Forbes is one of the smallest on the field and may not be very intimidating to the opposing team as he awaits the opening kick off. However, with his ability to score seven points in the first ten seconds of the game, he has […]

West Side Soccer Dreams Big

Summer training. “Chalk Talks”. A harder schedule. This year’s boys’ and girls’ soccer teams are using these tactics to accomplish their season goals. Both teams have made the decision to play schools across the state and in Kentucky instead of local schools such as Jeff or Delphi. The girls’ coach, Mr. Blessing, explained that these […]

Sports injuries become prevalent

Concussions. Broken bones. Sprained wrists. Torn muscles. It’s safe to say that safety has become a concern of West Side sports teams. After the football game with Delphi and the injuries in soccer, cross country, and cheerleading, should the school begin to reevaluate the precautions put in place to prevent exactly these injuries? In football, […]

Run, Bobbie, run!

Bobbie Burgess is one talented athlete, though you would never hear that from her. “She adds an element of intensity because she’s so hard core. But, she’s also really fun to be around,” says Ellie Brower. Brower was not the only one to comment on the dedication Bobbie Burgess puts into her running. Many were […]

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