Cooper Williams

As a top runner in the state Cooper Williams is looked to as a leader on not only his team but from other teams in the area.  “Really i just go out and run and try to improve myself and help improve the team.”   On a team that is defending a state title the team […]

Volleyball vs North Montgomery

Last night the Red Devils volleyball team traveled to take on North Montgomery. The team is having a pretty good season and are ready to compete for the state title. Last night the Devils took the match three sets to two. Junior Alex Deryn totaled 15 kills, 7 block, and 6 aces. Senior Lydia Baker […]

Westside vs. Renssalaer

Friday, October 2nd, the West Lafayette Red Devils Football team will face off against the defending class 2A state champion Rensselaer Bombers. After a couple of consecutive great seasons from the bombers, they got bumped up to 3A for this season. The Devils are off to a stellar 6-0 start this season while the bombers […]

Nate Smith

As a soccer player and superfan captain Nate Smith has his hands full during the fall season.  “I think being the junior superfan captain is pretty cool and i was looking forward to it since my freshman year”, Smith said.  As the soccer team battles through the season the team hopes for a couple more […]

Evan Johnson continues to improve

  This may be Johnson’s last year of high school, but his days of running have no end in sight. A year after winning state in cross country and getting 41st in the state, Evan Johnson ‘16 hopes to repeat with a changed up varsity lineup that still sees Johnson as the 2nd best runner […]

Going for Gold

Cross Country After winning state last year, the Boys’ Cross Country team is shooting for gold again.  With a strong senior class leading the way, including Cooper Williams, Dylan Williams and Evan Johnson, the team feels good about this year.   Junior Andrius Kriauciunas says “We are training to win another state championship but would […]

Looking into the world of managing

  Sports managers do more for their teams than meets the eye. By helping out around the field, they assist the team in more ways than just bringing the team water, which is a common misconception. They make sure things run smoothly by setting the field up for drills, filling up water bottles, and setting […]

Girls Golf

Girls Golf West Lafayette’s girls’ golf team has had one goal in mind for years.  Junior Piper Gorup says “We’re just hoping to improve this year, that’s all we can ask for.”  The team is very close and they are all trying to get better but more importantly having fun.  “Getting to be on the […]

Students practicing superstition

Do you believe in magic? The supernatural? You may not, but a lot of athletes are actually extremely superstitious. Many of your fellow students harbor interesting superstitions of their own. For instance, Mikey Kidwell, junior quarterback of the football team, wears the same wristband on his right arm during the entirety of every football game. […]

Senior Volleyball Player: Lydia baker

After a tough loss to McCutcheon the West Lafayette Volleyball team bounced back with two wins against Benton Central and Crawfordsville.  Senior captain Lydia Baker has had large contributions to the wins and how the team has played.   “I love my team because when we are all playing our game and we are playing […]

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