Top sports movies of the 21st century

Throughout the 21st century there have been plenty of great movies that have captivated their audiences and spread like wildfire.  Some of these movies are sports movies, which is why it seems fitting to show off the best that the sports category has to offer.  WARNING: SPOILERS! Moneyball: Based on the true story of the […]

NFL season has come to a close

The NFL season always has great story lines and this past season was no different. -Ndamukong Suh: Every year Ndamukong Suh sparks controversy with his often wild  antics around the football field. Over the course of his career he has been fined $420,669 by the NFL and suspended once for two games resulting in the loss […]

Featured athlete: C(K)asey^2

Casey and Kasey are very astounding athletes that for the most of the year have to balance school and sports. Casey Crosser is a three sport athlete, which means that for the whole year he has to take part of this balancing act. “It goes practice until 6 and then the second I get home […]

Indoor soccer keeps players sharp

Legacy Sports Club has become a great place to not only stay in shape for the soccer season, but have tons of fun doing it.  Their indoor field accommodates adult, high school, and youth leagues ranging from competitive to social along with their own training sessions. “It has become so popular because it is so […]

Football is in trouble

Football,  as both an institution and a sport, is under attack. Notable players, such as Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, have been suspended due to separate allegations of abuse to family members. Old Football players are suing the National Football League for the damage to their bodies that has left them helpless in old age. […]

Wrestling season has begun

The wrestling team begins their new season with a dedication to succeed. Head Coach Rosemond says of the “26 guys on the team, 24 do at least one other sport,” he went on to explain some even do two other sports. Dylan Trent ’16 is one of the athletes on the team who plays more […]

Tyler Nycz gets buckets

Q:What made you decide to play soccer this year? A:Watching the World Cup and playing FIFA.   Q:When did you start playing basketball? A:I’ve been playing since kindergarten.   Q:Basketball or soccer? A:Basketball.   Q:What is it like being able to play basketball for West Side with your younger brother? A:It’s a lot of fun. […]

J and C Hoops Classic

The J&C has started and ended once again. The J&C Hoops Classic basketball tournament takes place in the pre-season of girls and boys basketball.  It consists of the local schools all participating in a tournament over the course of a week.  The teams compete for being the champion of the J&C for that year and […]

Swimming team adapts to new coach

This year, the swim team welcomed a new coach, Sean Barry. Despite having a new coach, the swim team quickly adjusted to his intense practice and workouts. Some of the Seniors on the swim team said the practices were a little more challenging with a lot more distance practice and less dry land workouts. “Swimming […]

Sensors help keep team safe

The West Side football team took a big step in concussion research this off season and will continue throughout this season with sensors that measure the intensity of sustained hits. While players aren’t required to wear the sensors, the ones who decided to volunteer are now feeling safer playing football. “Knowing that if i had […]

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