Girls Golf

Girls Golf West Lafayette’s girls’ golf team has had one goal in mind for years.  Junior Piper Gorup says “We’re just hoping to improve this year, that’s all we can ask for.”  The team is very close and they are all trying to get better but more importantly having fun.  “Getting to be on the […]

Students practicing superstition

Do you believe in magic? The supernatural? You may not, but a lot of athletes are actually extremely superstitious. Many of your fellow students harbor interesting superstitions of their own. For instance, Mikey Kidwell, junior quarterback of the football team, wears the same wristband on his right arm during the entirety of every football game. […]

Senior Volleyball Player: Lydia Baker

After a tough loss to McCutcheon the West Lafayette Volleyball team bounced back with two wins against Benton Central and Crawfordsville.  Senior captain Lydia Baker has had large contributions to the wins and how the team has played.   “I love my team because when we are all playing our game and we are playing […]

Meg Szymanski

  Junior and third year varsity player Meg Szymanski is looking to have a big year individually and as a team. Playing outside hitter and left back, Meg gets a lot of opportunities to make plays and she capitalizes on many of them.   Szymanski says her favorite part of volleyball is “playing in big […]

Friday Night Football

After a promising victory over top ranked Tri-West, the West Lafayette football team played the 5A McCutcheon Mavericks in a game to remember. After tying the school record for 5 touchdown passes against Tri-West, Mikey Kidwell(’17) said, “I have to give it to my receivers.  They went and got the balls.”  With one minute and forty […]

XC has Team Success

For a while now, the West Lafayette Cross Country team has had success.  The team has won semi-state more than once and have been invited to Nike Nationals and all sorts of different events due to their running ability.  Rachel Bales ’15, a runner for the girls cross country team, said it’s due to Coach […]

Domestic violence

Domestic violence has become a huge issue in sports recently.  Athletes of different professional sports incorporations have been involved with violence at home.  These people are role models to society and in my opinion they should act as such.  Also the people in charge of them should take the mistakes made very important and should […]

Featured athlete: Megan Brineman

  What do you throw? “A discus” What is your farthest throw? “128 feet 6 inches” Why do you play? “My brother was throwing and I had to be better than him.  He taught me how to throw, and I fell in love with it.” What’s your favorite food? “Cheese burgers” What’s your favorite song? […]

James Harden should win MVP

The NBA’s MVP award can be at times frustrating because there’s as much debate over what exactly the “Most Valuable Player” means as there is over who should win.  Some take the modifier “valuable” to a heart and try to find who contributes the most within the scope of their team.  Some look at the […]

Best sports TV shows

The sports genre is largely considered television suicide because its much harder to capture a large audience. Most shows move towards the genres of drama, comedy, and crime. Due to this, the sports genre is much less appreciated, but there are some sports shows that stand out more than others. Sports Night- While it may […]

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