Domestic violence

Domestic violence has become a huge issue in sports recently.  Athletes of different professional sports incorporations have been involved with violence at home.  These people are role models to society and in my opinion they should act as such.  Also the people in charge of them should take the mistakes made very important and should […]

Featured athlete: Megan Brineman

  What do you throw? “A discus” What is your farthest throw? “128 feet 6 inches” Why do you play? “My brother was throwing and I had to be better than him.  He taught me how to throw, and I fell in love with it.” What’s your favorite food? “Cheese burgers” What’s your favorite song? […]

James Harden should win MVP

The NBA’s MVP award can be at times frustrating because there’s as much debate over what exactly the “Most Valuable Player” means as there is over who should win.  Some take the modifier “valuable” to a heart and try to find who contributes the most within the scope of their team.  Some look at the […]

Best sports TV shows

The sports genre is largely considered television suicide because its much harder to capture a large audience. Most shows move towards the genres of drama, comedy, and crime. Due to this, the sports genre is much less appreciated, but there are some sports shows that stand out more than others. Sports Night- While it may […]

Basketball preview

It’s that time of year again.  The sound of the crowds at Mackey on Friday and Saturday nights echo all the way up to the West Side gym, where the basketball teams are warming up for the start of the season. Both the boys and girls basketball teams have to deal with the changes that […]

The use of intimidation in sports

In the world of sports, athletes are always looking for a way to get any edge that they can in order to succeed. Athletes will go out and exercise to improve stamina, or just simply go practice whatever sport they are in. While the athlete is doing this, the coach is also looking for ways […]

Student athletes carry on into college

Being a student athlete at the college level requires lots of determination and hard work. Not only do the athletes have to excel at their sport, but they have to have respectable grades as well. Other athletes continuing their sports at the college level are Megan Brineman, Casey Crosser, Melissa Gutwein, Susan Hubbard, Dominic Patacsi, […]

Girls tennis swings into form

The spring 2015 Girls’ Tennis Team is off to a good season. After a little bit of a rocky start, where the team only won 1 of the first 5 games, West Lafayette has rekindled its competitive fire, winning the past 4 matches 5-0. Coach Tim Wright had a lot to say on his teams […]

NCAA tournament recap

Round of 62- The first round is generally the most exciting round of the tournament because of the common upsets and the non-stop basketball.  The stories of underdog teams were flying around and Cinderella teams were born.  One of the most popular teams that made it out of this round was Georgia State because their […]

SheDevils take on state

Having just finished their state competition, which marks the end of their season, the SheDevils are now reflecting and preparing for a strong season next year.  The team placed 6th in pom and 5th in the jazz category, which is the best they have ever placed at a state competition.  Individual soloists also placed well […]

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