That’s a Fact, Jack: Episode 1

From the studios of the WLHS library comes That’s a Fact Jack, a tri-weekly podcast hosted by West Lafayette Media Team members Harrison Truitt, Hudson Gorup, and Jack McCain. On today’s show we talk about the historic events that happened on October 16th. Jack gives us his take on the Wall of Pride event, his […]

What Kind Of Pet Is Right For You?


One of the quickest and easiest way you can get your Starbucks is through the Starbucks Mobile App. You can order on your phone and pick it up in stores, earn points for rewards and pay for your drink or food – no wallet necessary. The quick, accessible pay feature is very relevant when Starbucks […]

West Lafayette Football Quiz

We want your opinion, what movie is better ?


Westside Boiler Invasion Builds Up to Competition Season

It’s lunchtime. You’re strolling through the halls when suddenly you stumble upon a robot in the commons. Who brought this metal machine into the school? The Westside Boiler Invasion robotics team, of course! WBI is a club that builds robots, competes with them, and all the while completes website coding and organizes outreach events. WBI […]

We’ve Gotcha Covered

We’ve Gotcha CoveredSafety is a growing concern at every school in America. The rate of mass shootings have tripled since 2011 (Mother Jones 2018). I asked Officer Smith what some goals for safety were for this upcoming year, and he said, “Mainly for everyone to remain safe. We try to reduce the number of thefts […]

Tuesday Smackdown

Playing their second home game of the season, this week the girls on the volleyball team were ecstatic. At the Berberian Gymnasium on Tuesday, September 11th, the team faced Twin Lakes. Before the game Kiersten Wood,11, said, “I’m excited for the game tonight since its only our second home game! I think we’re gonna have […]

Pave Paradise, Put Up A Parking Lot

We all know how it feels to try to navigate the parking lot before and after school. It’s frustrating and scary; the only way to express it is in song. I compiled a slightly dramatic Spotify playlist for you to rock out to while you attempt to traverse the blacktop. “Big Yellow Taxi” by Counting […]


  Being new to West Lafayette High School is a different atmosphere than what Sandberg has seen before. She says, “Everyone has been very friendly, My last school was kind of cliquish, and I haven’t seen any of that here.”  Sandberg has three kids, and is expecting one more in January. “I am really excited […]

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