Valentine’s Day for Singles

Here is a Valentine’s Day video for those without a significant other to celebrate it with, in other words, singles. Despite the typical stigma of being single on Valentine’s Day, several students we interviewed actually had positive attitudes towards the day. Some claimed it was a mere commercial holiday, intended to profit off of romantic […]

Take a Peek Behind the Curtains

The music swells, the spotlight glows, the curtains part, and the show begins. This year West Lafayette is putting on “Curtains” for their spring musical.  Many come out to see the show every year, but many people do not know what goes on behind the scenes. How goes into putting on a musical? From acting […]

Stranger Things Steals the Spotlight

STRANGER THINGS: In case you have not heard of it, it’s kind of a big deal.  Stranger Things, a thrilling Netflix original drama set in Hawkins, Indiana, just released it second season, and it is definitely a hit. With an amazing soundtrack, 80’s nostalgia, and characters like Dustin, Steve, a demogorgon, and eleven, Stranger Things was […]

Cheering on the Devils

West Lafayette

How well do you know Selena Gomez?

A Triad of Performances for Drama Lit

On Tuesday, December 12th, the Dramatic Literature class was hard at work in the Commons. If you were walking in the hallway during 3rd hour you would have heard the many different voices of these student actors. That is because this semester, the class is performing not two, but three student written plays. You can […]

Petting For A Purpose

On December 15, 2017, West Lafayette Jr. Sr. High school got a visit from some very loving and furry animals. Therapy dog day, during the lunch periods, has been a tradition at West Side for a couple years now and will continue on into the future. It first started when students were complaining about how […]

Women Unite Against Trafficking

Making the world a better place one bracelet at a time. Now you might not think much of the recently created club, Women Empowering Women, but that might be because you don’t know what it is. If that is so, just know that it’s a club that promotes many types of social changes and issues, […]

Three seniors’ audio story

Senior year is probably the most important year for a high school student. In this year, we make many big decisions like college choices and the major we are planning to study for the next coming years, and those decisions will lead us to more life choices in the future. It’s a year to say […]

Top 5 Messiest Foods

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