Tricky Trivia

Test your Halloween knowledge by trying this trivia crossword!

Helping at Halloween

UNICEF is selling goodie bags to help solve children’s problems around the world

Let’s get Votin’

No matter the age, voting is a special experience. But exercising your right for the first time is an experience most do not forget. Seniors Grace Kirchner and Mary Schultz, both 18, hit the polls for their first time voting in the midterm election on November 6th.  Follow their experience as they navigate the voting […]

Which Men’s bathroom should you use?

Students Go Crazy for Ofrendas!

Have you seen the hit flick Coco? If you haven’t you need to see it ASAP. If you have you probably know what an ofrenda is. An ofrenda is a collection of objects from a loved one that helps carry his or her spirit back to the ofrenda during Dia de Muertos. With the celebration […]

Spooky Songs to Pump Up Your Halloween Party

When it comes to Halloween, candy is only half the fun. The season also brings many of our favorite timeless tracks. Whether you’re throwing a Halloween bash or just waiting in your living room to hand out candy, check out this playlist of spooky favorites to get you in the Halloween mood!

Blooming Personality

Moving here from Orlando, Florida Arwa Al-Mutairi is thriving at West Lafayette High School. It has been quite different for her as now the environment is vastly different compared to her previous school. “I was in an Islamic-American curriculum school, there were a few Kuwaiti girls that I knew, all of the students were Arabic, it […]


The girls’ track relay receives State Champion rings. “It is really cool to have the ring to remember the experiences forever.” Aside from the homecoming parade, pep rally, and football game there was another celebration for the community to witness.  At halftime of the football game, last years girls 4×800 meter relay team of Mary […]

4 Tips To Survive Senior Year

Are you a senior? Are you feeling stressed, struggling, or hanging on by a thread? Senior year is tough. The final stride is upon you and it can be tough to hold on and finish. Most seniors are overwhelmed with a combination difficult classes and the most amount of homework they’ve ever seen. This stress […]

How well do you know Ms. Dixon?

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