Catwalk to Class: Cindy Guo


Those seeking unique style options should tear a (web) page out of Cindy’s book.

Fashion Fusion: Cindy Guo mixes styles from around the world.

It is often hard for West Side students to look unique due to the lack of stores with appropriate styles and price ranges nearby. Enthusiastic shoppers often venture to Indianapolis or Chicago to get their fashion fix, but sophomore Cindy Guo takes this to another level–she gets her clothing from a completely different continent.

“I can read Chinese, so I buy clothing from Asian websites,” she says. “I don’t like to go shopping because I can find everything online.”

Some of Cindy’s favorite websites are and These sites contain thousands of pieces for both men and women at prices comparable to Forever 21, H&M, and other fast-fashion retailers. Although based in Asia, the sites are in English and can ship directly to the U.S.

Although most of the pieces in Cindy’s wardrobe are from these websites, she styles them all herself. “I like to wear black a lot,” she says. “I especially like black pants because they are slimming, and you can wear several different colors with them. I think looking good basically depends on colors. You want contrast.”

Good style has been ingrained in Cindy from a young age. “My mom teases me when I wear something weird,” she laughs. Besides family, Cindy gets fashion inspiration from both American and Asian T.V. shows. “I like ‘Glee,’ ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ and ‘Ugly Betty,’” she says. “All the girls wear really good outfits.”

Cindy recommends Asian websites to anyone looking for fashionable, affordable and quality clothing. She cautions about sizing as Asian clothing tends to run small.

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