Charles Hansen keeps it interesting

Charles practices the oboe in seventh hour band. Sophmore year, he was even involved in the Wabash Valley Youth Symphony.

When asked to describe Charles Hansen ‘13, Brian Choi ‘13 could only think of one word, indefinable. “He’s hilarious,” says Michael Crabill ‘13. Throughout the interview, Hansen was cracking jokes, making all that heard him break out in laughter.

Besides providing comic relief for his classmates throughout the school day, Hansen is a member of the school’s debate team. “It’s very intellectually stimulating,” he says when referring to practicing for and competing at debate tournaments.


Not surprisingly, when asked who his favorite teacher is, Hansen immediately answered Mr. Smith, the school’s debate coach. “He is a great role model for the younger debaters”.Hansen’s hard work and dedication to the team has paid off; he made it to the state competition his sophomore year, and hopes to do the same this coming season.


Outside of debate, Hansen is the Vice President of BOSS and he plays oboe in the school’s band. He was involved in the Wabash Valley Youth Symphony Sopmore year, where he was first chair.


Hansen is also the co-host of the recently revamped Red Devil TV morning announcement show. His partner is Paul Yoon, and they hope to help make the show popular again.


Hansen’s plans for the future are not unlike a large majority of his friend’s and classmate’s. He hopes to attend Purdue next year and major in computer engineering. Hansen worked in a lab at Purdue his junior year which confirmed his interest in the major.His career goals post college involves working at a Fortune 500 company, but he jokingly says that the ultimate job would be “getting paid to sit around”.



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