Cheer Squad Hypes Students Up

WARM UP: To ensure there is lots of energy, the cheerleading squad performs some warm-up exercises before the football game. The cheerful group arrived at Gorden Straley Field pumped up and ready to give the game their all. “We all stretch together, practice stunts, and talk as a team. This gets us all warmed up to each other which is important for team chemistry for the night. There is usually music playing which is fun to dance to,” Alyssa Dickelman, 10, said.

FRIENDS TURNED FAMILY: The close-knit group of cheerleaders share a laugh as they pose for a picture before the homecoming football game. Many of the members of the squad did not know each other prior to cheer, and have now formed close relationships. “We have so many great moments on the mini bus. We are also fairly open with each other so we are all close. Everybody tends to support each other and working together with stunts makes us closer because we have to be in sync,” Aubrianna Krueger, 12, said.

PUMPED UP: Rhys Darr, 10, and Lily Kolbe, 12, show their excitement and positive energy for the upcoming football game. The cheerleaders smiled and cheered as they awaited the football players to take the field. “Cheering for the last homecoming game was really weird because it felt just like the first time. I just completely blacked out out of terror. Lining up there felt exactly the same as when I was a freshmen,” senior Mary Randall, 12, said.

PERFECT LANDING: Elizabeth Tracey, 10, lands a jump while warming up for the homecoming football game versus Benton Central. The cheerleader had performed some impressive stunts at the pep rally just a few hours before the game. “Overall I enjoyed everything about cheering for homecoming but the dance was my favorite part,” Gabi Sanchez, 10, said.

READY TO ROCK: Elizabeth Tracey, 10, and Delani Lockett , 10, scope out the crowd before cheering at the homecoming pep session Friday. The cheerleaders had prepared an impressive routine set to music to preform at the rally. “I was very nervous that I would mess up the stunts and that the performance would be underwhelming to watch,” Elizabeth Tracey, 10, said.

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