The Chicago Shopping Guide

The residents of West Lafayette, Indiana are deprived from what many would consider “good shopping stores.” Luckily, we live two hours away from Chicago, one of the best shopping destinations in the country. Shopping in Chicago combines Midwest charm with avant-garde, international selections in the city’s myriad of neighborhood boutiques.

Here are a handful of our favorites:


– Neighborhood: The Loop

– Price Range: $18-$150

– Description:   A ‘Gaci features a combination of mainstream chic and affordably trendy looks. Clothing styles range from plain tanks and tees to original cut-outs and unique patterns.

– Why We Love It:  We love A ‘gaci because you can buy formal and high quality clothing for cheap prices. They also have really good shoes. 

– Link:



– Neighborhood: Lakeview

– Price Range: $20-$70

– Description: Choose from a variety of graphic design tees designed by artists, or create your own design. Designs range from funny, poetic, ironic, artistic, plain, hipster, etc.

– Why We Love It: They have awesome, quirky designs at a great price.

– Link:


American Apparel

– Neighborhood: Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, Downtown

– Price Range: $20-$150

– Description: Cool/hip style of high quality clothing manufactured in virtually any color and fabric imaginable.

– Why We Love It: They present unique, urban, and hip styles that is hard to find at other stores.

– Link:


Lori’s – The Sole of Chicago

– Neighborhood: Lincoln Park, Highland Park

– Price Range: $35-$350

– Description: Chicago’s most stylish shoe boutique at accessible price points. They also sell handbags, jewelry, apparel and accessories.

– Why We Love It: They have the most stylish shoes and handbags from both new and well-known designers/brands.

– Link:



– Neighborhood: Ukranian village / Wicker Park

– Price Range: $ 15-$200

– Description:  Fun yet sophisticated clothing for both men and women, with an emphasis on color and classic shapes and designs.

– Why We Love It: They have very original pieces of clothing and styles that are not found in common commercialized stores.

– Link:



Neighborhood: Wicker Park

– Price Range: $20-$150

– Description: Trendy runway styles with a vast selection of dresses, varying from casual and summery to formal and eveningwear.

– Why We Love It: Akira provides a selection of well-priced, trendy, and hip  clothes, shoes, and handbags.

– Link:



– Neighborhood: The Loop

– Price Range: $20-$300

– Description: Unique and trendy handbags and jewelry for both everyday as well as evening looks.

– Why We Love It: Bendels has jewelry and handbags ranging from punky and urban to sophisticated and formal. 

– Link:



– Neighborhood: The Loop

– Price Range: $30-$200

– Description: European styles ranging from day looks to evening wear for men, women, and children.

– Why We Love It: They have the trendiest styles from Europe for clothes, shoes, and handbags.

– Link:





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