Comics are on the rise

Comic book readers have for many years been on the fringe of society; graphic novels and comic books are considered by many to be childish. Today, however, Marvel Studios’s “Avengers” and Warner Bros. Pictures’ Dark Knight Trilogy have broken the billion dollars barrier and comics have been thrown in the the spot light.

With comic book themed movies doing so well, superhero merchandise has started sprouting up everywhere. Lots of people are beginning to find an interest in comics. This, coupled with sequential art becoming a recognized form of art and literature, is starting a whole new wave of comic book fans to emerge.

“It is a great time to get into comics, with the Marvel movies and both the larger comic book companies doing recent and major reboots,” said Von’s Comics employee Mauricio Castro.

POW: Rainbows of comics line the shelves at Von’s Comics on State street. If you are every in need of help with what titles to read, ask an employee for there opinion.

The first step on the journey for a new comic book reader is to chose a store. There are three comic book stores in the greater Lafayette area, the only store in West Lafayette is Von’s Comics on State Street. Lafayette has Castle Comics & Cards on 4th street and Blue Moon Comics on South Earl Avenue. All these shops have there advantages. However, in the end it is all about personal preference.

The first trip to a comic book store can be very intimidating, with racks full of new comics and thousand of back issues in boxes stacked to the ceiling finding a place to start can be tough. The best way to get started is to find out from any comic book reading friends what they like.

“You can never go wrong with a Superman title and, don’t judge me, but Aquaman is really good,” said Daniel Rollock ’14.

If all else fails, look for a book that catches your eye. Do not be afraid to ask employees for recommendations or opinions.

Comic books have entered in to a new era, with high readership and  great comics coming out of not only Marvel and DC but also smaller publishers like IDW and Image, comics have never been more popular or easier to start reading.

“They are trying to revamp it to make it accessible to new readers. If anytime was good to read comic it is now,” said Adam Anderson’14.


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