Complimenting is not flirting

The following is a Letter to the Editor written by Chris Zhang ’14.

For those who know me, I come off as an awkward person who, in midst of his strange gestures, has purely good intentions. For those who aren’t quite familiar with me, however, I cross a line of knowing when or when not to compliment a girl WAY too often.

Up until last week, I didn’t know that it was considered “flirting” to tell a girl that she was pretty without proper context, until I was rebuked by my friends, leaving me to wallow in my “ verbal promiscuity.” However, in my opinion, a boy complimenting a girl is not always flirting.

My arguments are based on the fact that you are only calling the girl “pretty” for the sake of complimenting her, rather than to initiate some romantic relationship.

Even I understand that it’s definitely weird to go up to a random girl and call her pretty. But, under the circumstances that you were previously in conversation with said girl, it seems perfectly reasonable that you can go ahead and call her pretty.

Flirting is to joke around romantically or with no serious intentions. I’m dead serious when I say that you are pretty, AND I have no serious intentions. You can find someone attractive without being attracted to them.

So, ladies, the next time a guy compliments you, take time to actually consider whether or not he’s being serious.  He could, as a matter of fact, be trying to make a move on you, but honestly, he might just appreciate you, just the way you are.

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