Cooking Up a New Take on FACS

As the new school year begins there are not only many new students who join the school but also new teachers. This year Frances Heim moved from Benton Central to West Lafayette. She is teaching Nutrition and Wellness and intro to Culinary Arts.

“The favorite foods I like to teach are unfortunately the unhealthy ones, but probably my favorite thing is wings. I am going to use them as a final exam in my classes.” Ms. Heim said. 

Not only does she enjoy cooking but also baking and experimenting.

“If I am baking, I love experimenting with breads, making brown breads and making honey butters, stuff like that.” 

Trying to teach a class that involves cooking can get quite tricky due to the time limit.

“A lot of meats that require braising and slow cooking, or grilling items take a while. I would love to be able to slow cook and smoke things. It is still my dream to have some green eggs cookers. Meats are sometimes really hard,, and yeast items are also really hard.” Ms. Heim said 

Even though, Benton Central is just about 30 minutes away, there are still a lot of changes that Ms. Heim had to face.

“I am originally from the Chicago suburbs, so when I landed in Benton County,, there was a bit of a culture shock, much different than what I was used to. It was a big choice to come here, but I’m glad I did.”

Coming to West Lafayette, it reminded Heim of the type of environment she grew up in.

 I bought a house in West Lafayette and I have a small human who is 4 and I am excited for him to live here and grow up here because of all the cultural differences because that’s what I grew up with.” 

Coming from a different school, it can be difficult to enjoy teaching classes with different students and in a different building. 

“I have enjoyed teaching here so far. The students are great and everyone was saying you’re going to love it here. The students do their homework and want to do well which I think is awesome.”

Not only did Heim have to move counties but also different schools, and unfortunately was stuck with a classroom next to all the construction.. 

“The noise hasn’t been that bad,, but the worst part was that I couldn’t come in during the summer and get stuff done because this class was filled with dry storage from the cafeteria until the day before the first teacher day. So, I got here on my first day and I couldn’t even get into the room, so it felt a little overwhelming ”

Cooking things up…
Frances Heim poses in front of the kitchen after a couple stressful weeks of cleaning it out.

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