Do you Dare to Bear?

Winter, snow, sledding, beaches, and swimsuits?  While the seasons of winter and summer might be polar opposites, that hasn’t stopped the Riverside Ice Skating rink from hosting Dare to Bear, an event where participants skate in their swimming suits.  This February 1st, the rink traditionally filled with winter coats, scarves and gloves will be taken over by skaters in their beach attire.  The event name is play on the idea of “polar bear” skating.

ice skating
The skating rink is open 4-6 and 7-10 on the weekends. Admission is $4 and skates are $2

“Basically it’s an event where you come down, skate in your bathing suit and you can come in and eat pizza and hot chocolate, which is provided, ” said rink employee Ryan Schmierer’13.  Schmierer described the event as a popular attraction that requires a little more vigilance on the part of the workers, but is never something that they aren’t capable of handling.

Lev Zemlyanov ’15 said that he has enjoyed going to Dare to Bear in previous years, and that he definitely  plans to make it this year if he is free.  Even the less than perfect moments still contributed to a positive and enjoyable atmosphere.

“I went out with my skate guards on and wiped out the first second I stepped on the ice, but it was still really fun,” he said.

Going out exposed might not might not be for everyone. “I don’t want to be out in a swim suit when it’s that cold,” said Kaveri Sheth’15.  Sheth said the cold had kept her home in the past, and her friends agreed.  It might not be for them they said, but for anyone who wants skating and complementary pizza, the consensus was Dare to Bear would be an event worth checking out.



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