Don’t Rain on My Parade

No wind, rain, or other miserable weather could stop the homecoming parade from taking place on Friday, October 6th. However, some homecoming representatives were displaced from their traditional convertible ride and forced to walk, rather than ride, along. No one seemed to mind, and court members– seniors Madeline Lynam, Abby Hummels, Abby Rhodes, Katie Crawford, Rebekah Chatterjee, Jacob Richardson, Hawk Pusey, Sebastian Trent, JongJin Park, and Addison Jordan; juniors Rachel Cooper and Christopher Yu; sophomores Christina Shi and Benny Zhang; and freshman Hailey Mansfield and Noah Stenburg–were just as happy to toss candy and other goodies out as they meandered along the streets of University Farms.

Smiles, jokes, and candies were exchanged as the procession wound its way to the football fields. Music from the marching band, which followed the She Devil dancers in leading the procession, could be heard all the way in back and helped to keep up the peppy spirit of the parade. “It was gross– it was cold and rainy the whole time– but the kids in the parade were super cute and it was still fun to walk with everyone,” Katerina Hunt, a She Devil walking in the front of the parade, said.

THROUGH WIND AND RAIN: Madeline Lynam and Hawk Pusey’s smiles shine despite the gloomy weather during the homecoming parade. The rest of the parade followed suit, maintaining good attitudes and an energetic spirit as the parade proceeded through University Farms. “The rain sucks, but it’s been fun walking with everyone and passing out candy… and eating some too,” said Madeline.

An air of expectation and suspense hung over the parade as homecoming representatives and fellow students alike wondered who this year’s king and queen would be and how the football game would turn out. Just a week prior to the parade, homecoming court members had learned of their elections, and over the course of the week, suspense had been building.

Other parade participants, such as the many clubs and classes that had made banners for the event, reveled in the feeling of community and perseverance despite the gloomy weather. The parade ended in the parking lot of the football fields, where students and West Side faculty paused to relax before the homecoming football game.

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