Etiquette is Necessary

This year, I have noticed that there is a part of the student population that either is ignorant of the laws of the hallways or simply thinks themselves above them. There is understood etiquette in the hallways, and those who follow the rules often find themselves hurting due to the few rule breakers.etiquette

Universal manners on the stairs are necessary. You ascend the stairs on the right, so that the people descending can go down on your left. Even if no one is coming down, it is rude and ignorant to run up the other side. You do not know when someone will be coming down the steps. Do not shove from behind, especially on the north stairs. It won’t help and it puts everyone at risk for a human-sized game of dominoes.

Running in the halls has become quite common. The rudeness of this is that people are not caring if they knock into anyone. Many are too concerned with getting to class or the lunch line to apologize. It is common courtesy to apologize if you hurt someone, so please do so if you run into someone. Also, if someone is walking toward you and you recognize that your are on a collision course, move. Assume the other person has not noticed, so be kind and move aside, even if you are walking.

Social contact in the hallways has rules for politeness too. Do not yell, as it disrupts everyone else (and it is often too early to deal with high decible noises), and do not gather in a group in the center of the hallway. It disrupts the flow of traffic on the left and right and when it is right in front of a classroom, it involves an awkward, “Hey, can you move?”

Something the administration has even tried to stop is cutting in the lunch line. Polite people will wait in line, even if it means standing without friends, for their turn. So many times have I looked up from my spot in the Snack Bar line to find five more people in front of me than before. For a person to cut in front of another who has waited for their food as etiquette dictates is rude. It is a serious problem that most of us are guilty of, but if we all stop it, the wait for your Twix will be reduced.

Politeness is something your fellow students will respect you for. Not only that, but in the “Real World” (No, not the tv show), those manners are expected of you in the workplace or even on the street. Students should work on manners towards others in the school.

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