Fall Play Serves Up Shakespearean Sonnets

WATCHFUL EYE- Director Eric Margerum looks on as Addison Edwards, 11, Jennifer Yang, 9, and Parker Smith, 12, rehearse a scene. Rehearsals for the fall play started in early October. “I love being on stage and playing different parts, so when I heard the theater club had the fall play, I was super excited to audition for it,” said Edwards.

EMBRACING THE CHARACTER- Katie Werely-Bross, 10, latches onto Parker Smith, 12. The actors have learned to portray a variety of contrasting traits for this play. “I think one of the best things about it is playing so many different characters,” said Werely-Bross.

HAVING FUN – Lydia Leichty, 11, interacts with the scene before her. Actors have found interesting ways to bring about humor and express their characters. “We’ve got a lot of fun jokes in there, there’s a lot of little fun things that will make people laugh,” said Leichty.

TWISTS AND TURNS- Addison Edwards, 11, Parker Smith, 12, converse while Jennifer Yang, 9, watches from behind. Each scene in the play brought in characters that interact as well as a different narrator reading a Shakespearean sonnet. “There’s a bunch of different people twisting the different Shakespeare sonnets, so it’s pretty funny,” said Edwards.

NEW DIRECTOR IN TOWN – Director Eric Margerum watches the scene after giving direction. The fall play underwent changes early this year as a new director was needed. “It seems like he’s listening to us and hearing what we’re saying about ideas,” said Katie Werely-Bross, 10.


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