Featured Artist: Phoebe Moh

 Phoebe Moh ’14 has a creative mind.

Phoebe Moh'14 poses with one of her favorite drawing of a bird. It is one of her largest works.

Phoebe Moh’14 poses with one of her favorite drawing of a bird. It is one of her largest works.

For Phoebe Moh ’14, inspiration and creativity in art come naturally. Her influences from animation, such as Pokémon and Disney, are reflected in her sketches. “It’s mostly cartoony art, it’s the style that I like to draw in and its easier to draw in, also it’s just really cute,” Moh says.

“Her artwork is like cute and sunshine, rainbows, ponies; its really cute fluffy little stuff that’s adorable overall,” says close friend of the artist, Melinda Crane’ 14.

Her art folder holds countless pages of sketches that she makes in her free time, “I’ll start doodling something in between classes, and then when I get home I’ll finish it, its just here and there,” she says.

Vivian Gu’ 14 says, “Whenever I look at Phoebe’s drawings, all I can picture are cute furry animals.”

For Moh, drawing has been a favorite hobby as long as she can remember. She says, “I at least started doodling things in Kindergarten, I’d turn in my papers with little drawings on them.”

The majority of her artwork consists of smaller pieces; her larger sketches are less abundant. While nearly all of her drawings are black and white and in pencil, a few of them she scans and uses Photoshop to add pops of color.

The fact that Moh has never taken a specialized art class further proves just how talented and gifted she is. Her favorite creation is of a colorful, detailed bird beautifully displayed against a faint background which she holds in the picture above; she considers it to be one of her larger art works.

For Moh,  “drawing is just something fun I like to do on the side, its just a hobby”



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