Featured Artist: Sunland Gong

It isn’t often that someone discovers a new talent all at once. Sunland Gong ’13 discovered his knack for oil painting when he decided to take an art class on a whim.

“I took an oil painting class this year since I wanted to try something new because I wanted to take a break from all the math and science in this school,” said Gong.

Gong’s work has impressed many people, including his friends.

“I’m kind of blown away by how good he is,” said Dimitri James ’13. “I wouldn’t have guessed that he would have this hidden talent.”

Pablo Jimenez-Corredor agreed, and said, “[Gong’s] paintings have really impressed me.”

In spite of the praise he receives, Gong views his work in a modest light.

“I’ve never really feel like I’ve made actual art, this year was probably the closest thing to making art I’ve ever done,” said Gong.

Gong first took an interest in art at an early age. “I guess the weekly Cumberland art classes were the first time I had done anything with art, mainly because it was mandatory.”

Gong said he gets his inspiration from many sources.

“Anything could inspire me as long as it’s different or like interesting,” said Gong.”Art to me is more of something to relax and have fun with, and to get away from the stress and daily routine. I usually just try to make my art different and seem original, which might or might not contain some sort of deeper meaning.”

Gong suggests that students that are interested in making art take a casual approach.

“Put in a lot of effort, but don’t be like super tense and serious,” said Gong. “Also, try new things with your style of art and something might work out really well.”

Gong also recommends people to take classes that they have never taken, or never even thought of taking before, since it can be something that is very enjoyable.

“I at first wasn’t going to take oil painting, but eventually I decided to,” he said. “It’s probably the most fun class I took throughout high school, and I also hope to do some oil painting for fun after high school.”


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