Featured Senior: Drew Rudman

Drew Rudman '13 films during the boys' basketball senior night game. He is in the process about creating a documentary about this year's team. Photo by Neha Ramani
Drew Rudman ’13 films during the boys’ basketball senior night game. He is in the process of creating a documentary about this year’s team. Photo by Neha Ramani

Drew Rudman ’13 is the director of his life.

From film to friends, Drew Rudman ’13 brings to everything he does a strong work ethic and a positive attitude.

“He’s a smart guy and a great friend who always thinks of others first,” said Justyn Roland ’13

Drew can often be seen on the sidelines at boys’ basketball games, filming not just the action on the court but also the team huddles during time-outs and the fans. He hopes to turn the hours of footage into a documentary about the basketball team and their season.

“I chose basketball because it’s a pretty cool sport and it’s different than other sports because you can see the players pretty closely,” said Drew. “[The team] is pretty good this year, so hopefully they’ll go far.”

Drew secured Coach Wood’s permission to have full access to the team, which allows him to gather behind-the-scenes footage.

“I figured it was a pretty good opportunity,” said Drew.

Drew’s interest in film was spurred when he took Mr. Shaeffer’s Film Literature Class his sophomore year and when he was a teaching assistant for the class his junior year.

“Mr. Shaeffer is so passionate about everything he does,” said Drew. “It helped me find my own passions.”

Drew is interested in both the directing and editing aspects of film-making.

“I really like learning about how they do all the stuff you take for granted,” he said.

“[Drew] loves film and I hope he can have a great future in it if that’s what he chooses to pursue,” said Roland.

Drew doesn’t just film basketball, but plays himself. He and a group of his friends often scrimmage against the girls’ basketball team.

“It’s fun to play basketball and help out the team to make them better,” he said, and laughingly added, “It’s kind of an ego thing too because you don’t want to get beaten by girls.”

Basketball is fun for Drew, but his true athletic passion lies in baseball.

“I’ve been playing baseball my whole life,” he said. “I just love it.”

Drew plays first base and pitcher for the school’s varsity team, and is looking forward to his last season this spring.

“My main goal first and foremost is to win sectionals, but I also hope to just enjoy my senior season,” he said.

Another long time interest of Drew’s is orchestra, in which he has played the cello since the fourth grade.

“I think it’s kind of a lost art since you can make music on the computer now,” he said. “I think it’s really important to be able to play it on your own.”

Drew’s musical talents extend to the piano, which he he has played since elementary school.  Although he no longer takes lessons, he enjoys playing on his own time for fun.

Drew’s downtime activities also include hanging out with friends, following Purdue basketball and watching TV.  He tries to portray himself as an easygoing and nice individuals whom others can come for when they need advice or help.

“We have had our share of good times together,” said Quinton Skibinski ’13 about Drew. “The best time would have to be when we went to the Gabriel Iglesias Comedy Show near the beginning of high school.”

As for the future, Drew is not sure yet where he will go to school next year, but is considering a major related to film studies.

“I want to be involved in the film industry in some way,” he said.

Drew hopes to create a major and later a career that combines his love for film with his other academic interests of chemistry, engineering, math or business. He also plans to study abroad in Germany.

Skibinski has a slightly different path in mind for Drew.

“In the future I see Drew living out the rest of his years in true happiness like Gimli after the great war in The Lord of the Rings, leading his people to a new homeland of Aglarond and becoming the first Lord of the Glittering Caves,” said Skibinski. “Drew is a pretty epic guy, destined for a pretty epic future.”


 Fast Facts:

Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption

Favorite Food: pizza

Favorite Person: Ron Burgandy (from Angerman)

Favorite Class: Film Literature

Favorite Color: green

Favorite Sport: baseball

Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead 


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