Owen Patrick laughs, loves

If you were sitting in the Freshmen locker bay, you would probably still be able to hear Owen Patrick ’13 yelling all the way from the Senior locker bay. Friend Carson Cruea ’13 describes him as “funny, outgoing, and obnoxious”; Patrick says, “I just love to get people to laugh.”

Between school and work, Patrick doesn’t have much free, but when he does, it’s spent with his girlfriend Paige or playing video games with his friends. “Now thatHalo 4 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 are coming out, I will definitely be with my X-box a lot in the coming months,” he said.

Patrick is also a part of Wish 4 a Cure and Best Buddies, although he doesn’t always have time out of school to do stuff with them, as he is often swamped with his job at Payless, in addition to schoolwork.  The fact that his job is enjoyable makes being so busy more tolerable.   “I enjoy working there … it’s cool to interact with a lot of different people in just one day.”

Besides living in Ohio and southern Indiana, Patrick has lived in West Lafayette almost his whole life—ever since first grade—so it’s all he remembers.  After playing baseball ever since the age of four, he decided to get a job.  Although he had to quit playing when he was 14, working has allowed Patrick to become much more independent.  He said, “I wanted to look for a job so I could have my own money and not rely on my parents for stuff,” adding,  “I try to sleep as much as I can, but I work a lot when I’m not in school.”

Patrick says he does like being the class clown, but he’s not always so loud.  “He does act really crazy at school,” said girlfriend Paige Morrison, “but he really does care about his close friends and family.”  To many people, when asked how to describe him, some words that may come to mind are “fun, loud, and outgoing.”  However, there is one feature that must stand out over everything.  “His best quality would probably be his beard,” said Cruea, “The kid can grow a nice looking beard in a week.”

Patrick is currently undecided which college he will attend.  He is looking at Ball State, University of Southern Indiana, or IUPUI to study business management.


  • TV Show – big Glee fan
  • Movie – Zombieland
  • Sports Team – St. Louis Cardinals
  • Actress – Natalie Portman
  • Actor – Bradley Cooper
  • Holiday – Christmas
  • Restaurant – Moe’s
  • Color – Orange
  • Food – Spaghetti
  • Owen Patrick’s friends describe him as “funny, loud, and outgoing”. He can also grow a nice beard.


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