Featured senior: Pauline Ravot

DB8 TIME: Pauline Ravot prepares to debate at her second tournament on October 20th. This is her first year as a novice debater; Ravot placed 7th in the Public Forum Debate.

Pauline Ravot ‘13 lives by and embodies the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Ravot dedicates her time to helping out friends and even complete strangers.

“I like volunteering and helping people,”  Ravot said about herself. She has participated in many clubs in order to do just  that. This year, Ravot has been involved with Wish for a Cure, Red Cross, and the West Side Dance Marathon.

Wish for a Cure is an organization close to  Ravot’s heart. “People in my family have had cancer,” she said. “[Joining Wish  for a Cure  is] good participation from my part.”

This year is also Ravot’s first  year in Debate, and competes in Public Forum. Her partner, Summer Adams  ‘14, about Ravot, “She’s really fun to work with.”

Adams added, “[Ravot] is  good on the spot,” with her strongest point being the crossfire, a question and  answer period in the Debate round.

In Ravot’s free time, she enjoys spending  time with her friends. “I hang out with my friends a lot,” she said, “We shop and we go out to eat.” Ravot  describes herself in one word, loyal. “If I have a friend I’ll stick with them.”

Her favorite teachers are Mr. Smith and Ms. Furlow. “They’re fun to listen to,” Ravot said. “The difficult stuff is made easy to  understand.”

For Ravot, one of the most memorable classes she took at West  Side was Bible Literature. She explained that the class “shows the impact that  the Bible had on the world. It is been in so many government documents.”

As  for Ravot’s plans for the future, she aspires to be a criminal lawyer. With her  thoughts of majoring in criminal justice, she will apply for Purdue, ISU, Ball State, and Illinois State. She added, “I like to know that I’m doing something for people, something greater than myself.”

Pauline’s Favorites
Color: Purple

Websites: Instagram, Facebook

Animal: Dogs

Movie: “Dream Girls”

Food: Ice Cream

Celebrity: Beyoncé


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