Filling the Future with Opportunity

HOSA club members optimistic on future opportunities the club provides

PHYSICAL THERAPY: Dr. Lilly Li talked to HOSA members about her experience as a physical therapist. She normally does physical therapy for children two years old and under, but Li also talked about the different types of physical therapy. “I liked listening to her and hearing what her career is like,” Lekha Durai said.

Many patients take their doctors’ expertise for granted. From check-ups to physical therapy to nursing, medical professionals can take many different forms. Most people don’t realize how to start the extensive journey of becoming an expert in a health field. Working towards becoming medical professionals starts in high school for many students through the club HOSA.

Students who aspire to be health professionals are deciding to join Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), a nationwide club that focuses on helping high school students become future health professionals. “I do it [HOSA] because this is what I want to do in the future, and I think it is a great way to kick start that and to be open to different areas of the field.” says Melissa Fernandez,  secretary of the West Lafayette branch of the club.

One of the major experiences HOSA members get a chance to take part in are health conferences. At these conferences, the students get a chance to participate in lectures and meet people from branches of HOSA from different areas. “I would say my favorite part about being in HOSA would probably be meeting new people at the conferences and learning new things,” Fernandez says.

HOSA also has different guest speakers. This gives members of the club the opportunity to learn about being in certain health professions from people who have experience in the field. “When everyone thinks of a doctor, they think about either a surgeon, or they think about the pediatrician that you go to annually. But those are just the main kinds of doctors,” says Maya Niyogi, a first year member of the club. “HOSA gives me the opportunity to see different ways you can be a doctor without being the ‘stereotypical doctor.’”

To get the year kick-started with learning about medical professions, HOSA hosted physical therapist Dr. Lilly Li. Li talked about what physical therapists do as part of their job. At the end of her speech she opened up the room for discussion. “I personally am not looking into going into physical therapy,” Hana Khan, a member of HOSA said, “but I thought it was just really cool to have [this] experience with someone in the medical field. You could just ask her questions, and she was totally chill with responding.” Similarly, Lekha Durai. the club treasurer, said, “I didn’t really know much about physical therapy before and what someone in that profession does, so it was just cool to hear what she had to say.”

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