Finals Season Is Upon Us

For West Side students, finals are one of the most stressful times of the year. Whether you spend the month studying, or you cram the night before everyone has their different study styles.

If it’s your first finals season as a freshman, or your seventh finals season as a senior, finals are equally as stressful for all of us. There are many different strategies and methods to conquering the bi-annual tests. Some students begin their preparations weeks before finals, others opt to the weekend before. Depending on how many finals you have, and in what subjects, each could be a helpful approach. “Since I only have two finals this year, I will probably start preparing the weekend before finals,” said Jack McCain, 12.

Some teachers are planning on taking advantage of the two days before finals to study in class, or at least have a class-wide study/review day. Other teachers leave studying to the students, either completely or with a study guide. Most students take advantage of the materials the teachers hand out. “I use the study guides that I am given in class and if I  am not given one, I look through the material and make my own,” said Maya Baker, 11. 

No matter your finals approach, staying calm and not stressing out is something that would benefit everyone. You can’t take a test if you are panicking over it! Test-taking anxiety is something that plagues a lot of students, but it can be overcome with some simple preparations. “I suggest planning out and not cramming the night before, it’s easier to study when you’re more relaxed,” said Liz Tracey, 10. 

So look over your materials, review on the study guide, take advantage of the help you’ve been given, but most of all, stay calm and don’t panic. Good luck everyone! 

GRIND TIME: Thinking hard, A.J. Grama studies for his calculus exam. At lunch on Monday, club Mu Alpha Theta hosted a study session for students to prepare for their Friday math exams. “I’m kind of nervous, but I know I’ve prepared,” said A.J. Grama, 10. 
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