Fleetwood Mac Concert Review

The Fleetwood Mac concert at Bankers Life Field House on October 16th was an overall success. The stands were full, and it was a two hour throwback to the 80s for its viewers. The crowd was very diverse, composing of men and women ranging from the elderly to teens. The first half of the concert was a showcase of their most famous songs, including “Little Lies”, “Dreams”, and “The Chain”. The intermission consisted of star drummer, Mick Fleetwood, freestyle drumming and yelling chants for the crowd to repeat back. The conclusion of the show ended with various less popular songs they had never preformed during a concert before.

Some less ideal aspects from the concert was the sound system. The guitars were too loud, and often made the lyrics seem muffled. It was hard to hear the words of the songs I did not know. Also the intermission was drawn out too long to me. The pause became awkward and the solo drumming lost its awe after many minutes of it.

The first part of the concert was my favorite, because I got to hear my favorite song, “Dreams” in person. It was really cool to hear a live preference, in comparison to many of the artists today who do not preform without the aid of lip sinking. It was really cool to see Stevie Nicks in person.┬áTheir songs sounded just as good in person as they do on the record. The concert was a very cool atmosphere and I would definitely go again.

The Fleetwood Mac concert on October 16, was a night of fun for many ages. It was their first concert in Indiana in years. Senior Harry Shook went and said, “I have been wanting to go for a long time, so I was really excited to go.”

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