“Forever Alone” strikes V-Day

Some people haven't had the best 14th of February. These are some cautionary tales about those times.
Some people haven’t had the best 14th of February. These are some cautionary tales about those times.

We’ve all seen the movies where the guy wins the girl in some big romantic gesture and then the credits roll. The important thing to remember is those people are paid to happily fall in love at the convenient plot point, and they also had script writers to tell them what to say.

The rest of us, that aren’t living in the fictional realm of the silver screen, have to fend for ourselves. Love, or even a decent date, is mostly made out of luck and timing.

“Most of the valentine’s I have ever had didn’t work out just because of timing,” said an anonymous sophomore girl, “We were both too busy, couldn’t get a ride, you know things just came up.”

So maybe we put too much pressure on the day. Some times it doesn’t work out because it’s a school day or coincides with another important event. Maybe the pearl of wisdom is that Valentine’s Day is what you make it.

“People put so much pressure on the day, so it disappoints them no matter what,” said a junior boy.

Sometimes this extreme amount of expectation leads to the embarrassing Valentine’s memories. “I expected the movie montage of the perfect date, and even though my boyfriend set aside time and a small gift for me, the poor guy had no chance,” said a senior girl.

So girls give your guys a break, and guys just try to remember the date. Happy Valentine’s Day West Side!



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