Fresh off campus:

Mrs. Brooks takes on being a band director

Mrs. Brooks is a new band director fresh out of college. She graduated from college just this past May from Vandercook College in Chicago Illinois. “My school was primarily a music education conservatory so everyone that graduated from my college became a music educator, it was very selective in that way.” said Brooks.

Directing the Devils: Mrs. Brooks conducts 7th period advanced band. She worked with the same group of kids this summer during band camp. “It was a crazy summer, but it was good.”

She discovered her passion early on.

“In seventh grade that’s when I really knew I wanted to teach music. I remember my band director when I was in middle school. I had him from fifth grade all the way until I was a senior in high school.” Brooks said. “He really helped me and taught me a bunch of extra things I would need to know to be successful,” said Brooks. “I really give credit to Mr. Pecher, He was my biggest inspiration for wanting to be a teacher,” Brooks said.

She recently moved to West Lafayette. “My husband got a job working in the Research Park and I googled music teaching jobs in West Lafayette and this was the first one that popped up, so I told myself to just go and try it and emailed Mr. Pettit and told him I was super impressed with his program and asked to come in for an interview.” she said.

The interviewing process was very smooth for her. “I told Mr Pettit (during the second round of interviewing) it feels like a small community and that’s where I kind of grew up in and that I loved the feel here and it all worked out.”

 This summer was very busy for Mrs. Brooks. 

“I got married on August third to my husband Jacob and now we’re happily here in West Lafayette,” Brooks said. “It was a crazy summer coming straight from student teaching, I graduated, I came here for a month, I got married, I came back for marching band.” 

Now that summer is over, Brooks’s job is even more busy.

 “I start off my day at WLIS and I teach beginning band there, and then I come here and teach 8th grade band, 7th grade band, wind ensemble and then exploratory band,” she said.

“The class I’m most excited for is beginning 5th grade band because as a beginner, you are just so excited about the music and the new instrument and we already have 85 kids signed up!”

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