From Student to Expert

Trevor Baker replaces the printer ink in room 2126 last Tuesday, Aug. 21. Baker took computer classes at Jeff, where he received his A+ certification, an entry-level computer certification for PC computer service technicians. In addition to his personal goal of going to school again, his goal as a member of the technology department includes “implementing every solution properly and helping as many people as possible with their problems in a timely manner.”

The New Technology Specialist Arrives

Most students aim to go to college as soon as they graduate, but for new technology specialist Trevor Baker, that is not the case.

Baker is a 2018 graduate of Jefferson High School in Lafayette. Though he plans to go to college, he didn’t want to go immediately into debt, so he decided to get a job first in order to save money.

At Jeff, he knew the teachers and the building layout, unlike how he felt coming here.

“I was nervous and kind of worried that I was going to get lost in the building and not know the people like I did at my old school,” Baker said.

Yet as the school year progresses, he finds that the people he is working with are “really friendly and helpful.”

But West Side is not the only place where Baker can be found.

“There’s a lot of work to do at Cumberland right now,” Baker said. “It’s very busy over there, and soon they’re opening up the new school, West Lafayette Intermediate School. It’s going to get really busy again. It’s the craziest area.”

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