Front Drive to Undergo Construction

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Beginning in late September, the Grant street entrance will be under construction for a reported five weeks as the drive will be extended to make the security entrance easier to access. This will help visitors and disabled students as they enter the building.  The construction itself will have a minimal effect on the students and should be a quick construction period.  

“The new front drive should help guide visitors to the main entrance and help the disabled with an easier path to the entrance,” said Mr Shriner.  The construction will start on Monday September 14 and should take approximately 5 weeks and will make the main entrance a more clear entrance for visitors and easier for students to access during the school day.  This change will also add ten staff spots on the Grant street side and the handicap parking places will be directly across from the entrance.  

“Some trees will be removed during this construction, but we will plant the same amount and a couple more after the construction is finished,” said Mr Shriner.  The two memorials for Lauren Wastl, a student athlete who was a member of the 1999 West Lafayette Volleyball team, and Kimberly Hensley, a  parent at West Lafayette, will be moved as a result of this construction but will still be present after the drive is complete.

As this construction takes place the buses will be picking up and dropping off on Leslie street, which may cause some rough traffic on that street.  These changes have been revised to be more money-saving and the electronic board will stay in place and will save a large amount of money for the school.  This construction will give the buses a new and easier entrance after the project is finished.  Adding the spots and making the entrance easier to access and will help the visitors and parents.

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  1. Marcy Wastl says:

    FYI, Lauren Wastl was a captain on the 1999 WEST LAFAYETTE volleyball team, the memorial tree was donated by the McCutcheon volleyball team!

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