German exchange successful

German Flag

If you saw new faces in our hallways, they weren’t  new kids. German exchange students came to visit our school from April 8th to April 19th.  While some were comfortable in their new environments, others found a vast difference between our school system and their own.

“Everything is bigger in America,” said Lukas Bützler.  Bützler and his host, Charlie Randall ’16, are both freshmen.

“In our school system, the students have their own rooms and the teachers come to them. The difference is very interesting,”  said Randall, who enjoyed hosting Bützler.

“I honestly may have learned as much from hosting him as he has learned from visiting America,” said Randall. “Being able to speak to someone from a different culture is a cool experience. It’s a nice reminder that the rest of the world is different from (America.)”

Another student host, Lily Griffin-Duncan ’14, agreed. Duncan’s student Victoria is from Bad Camberg.

“I think we gain a very cool new perspective on our own culture. Plus we get to do a big favor for another person,” said Duncan. “It has also made the world seem smaller for me, and shown me that studying in another country isn’t really that hard.” Duncan’s student Victoria is from Bad Camberg.

“Everything is bigger here, it’s a bit like in the movies. Everyone is so nice too,” said Victoria. “I’m enjoying this trip, but I miss my family a lot. and the great bread in Germany.”
Hosting, according to Duncan, is worth the challenge.

“I would absolutely recommend that people host! It’s a ton of fun, and very rewarding,” said Duncan. “It’s not a huge task, to be a host, though it’s a very busy two weeks.”

Duncan left the following advice for those who are interested in hosting. She said, “The hardest thing is to motivate yourself to do your homework instead of hang out with your exchange partner. The second hardest thing is to say goodbye.”

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