Girls Golf Loses to Benton Central

Paige Hilleboe, 11, tees off at hole 9. This was the last hole they played as they lost to Benton Central. “With half of our team graduating next season, it will be very different playing with a younger team next year.”

Mia Burgett, 9, looks into the distance for the ball she just hit. She was playing against 2 other West Side teammates and a Benton Central opponent. “It was not my best meet, but I’m looking forward to learning from my mistakes and getting better.”

Anne Folkers,12, and Grace Kirchner, 12, walk together after completing their hole. This is the last home meet for the seniors of 2019. “Although we didn’t win, it felt amazing to put up my best score of the season on my senior night and play on our home course for one last time.”

Reagan Kasten,9, Jessica Love, 11, and Mia Burgett, 9, stand together. All are waiting for Mia to finish the hole. “I just went for it and put the ball 3 feet away from the hole and made the birde putt.”-Jessica Love

Maddie White, 11, Tee’s off at Ackerman Golf course. It was a tough day for the Red Devils. “I’ve always liked playing par 3’s. I always get a little nervous though because I never really know whats going to happen when I hit the ball.”

Jessica Love, 11, swings at hole 5. Her good form translated to a great shot. “My favorite hole I’d have to say on the BC invite is the par 3 which is number five. I had a really good first shot and it landed on the green and I parred it.”

Darby Bigelow, 12, writes down her score. After, she wheels her bag to the next hole. “I knew this was my last chance to do well at home, so I made sure to make every shot count.”

Ania Ahsan, 10, stands before her clubs. She is all ready to begin hole 5. “My favorite course is our home course Ackerman. I’m really used to it, but it still challenges me in different ways.”

Abby Haymond, 12, and Frances Shook, 12, are both injured. Both stand watching their teammates at the Benton Central match. “I can’t do golf right now because I had surgery a while ago, so now I am still recovering- Frances Shook.”

Grace Kirchner, 12, and Anne Folkers, 12, laugh as they walk to the next hole. Both were above par on this hole. “Anne and I were talking about what’s better at Fiesta, the burrito or the quesadilla.”

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