grace lim is the epitome of an artist

Grace stands next to the mural she painted. The mural is located in the hall leading to the practice rooms in the band room.

A lot of people are talented when it comes to art.  Some are just born with it.  One glance at Grace Lim ‘12 and her homemade bottle cap earrings reveal that she is an artsy person.

“When I was really little I would just draw with crayons all over my apartment.  That probably wasn’t a good idea,” Lim said. Lim has a wide range of artistic talent from watercolor, acrylic, pencil and charcoal, digital design, paper craft, and mural painting.  On top of that, she likes to sing and is the vice president of the Perfect Pitches.

A new addition to the school inside the band room is a carefully painted mural.  Dan Warner first started working on this mural but never completely finished.  Lim decided to take on the project and started working on it during the last semester of her junior year and all through this summer.  “I used a lot of geometric shapes to fit around the WL,” she explained. The mural, all done in acrylic, has “WL” written in large letters with neat shapes and lines covering the once blank, white wall.

Another project she has done is help make the 3D instrument display hung on a brick wall in downtown, Lafayette.   One of the horns used in the display is from West Lafayette High School.  “Downtown Lafayette has a lot of amazing artwork for the size but no one really knows about it,” Lim said.

There are three main things that inspire Lim.   “Birds, cities, and people,” Lim said.   “I don’t know, there’s just something about them that fascinates me.”

Art is definitely in Lim’s future.  “I want to go into architecture,” she said.  “I love art, but I kind of like math too much to just let it go off.”

“In the general sense, as the term ‘art’ applies to the modern world, I think it’s a lot easier to define art by what is not art than what is,” Lim said.  “Design is interdisciplinary– a whole lot more than just shapes and lines.   To be honest, I’d much prefer to work in design,” Lim said.  “So really, while design tries to solve human problems, art tries to solve ‘the’ human problem.  We have a lot of problems.”

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