Greater Lafayette ACE

How a student-led organization is tackling race-related education in the community.

A group of high school students have created an organization dedicated to spreading race-related education throughout the community. Greater Lafayette ACE launched in early September and has hosted webinars including one featuring Dr. Laura Smith, from Columbia University, who spoke on race terminology and engagement in discussions regarding race. Head Program Director, Catalina Posada, conducts project development and overall management in the organization. “Quarantine in the summer gave me a lot of free time, so I spent a lot of it listening to podcasts (like 1619), watching documentaries, and reading books about systemic racism in the United States. I decided to start ACE because I realized how difficult and confusing it can be to navigate our personal anti-racist education journeys,” Posada says. This year especially has emphasized the importance of finding outlets that educate people about police brutality, systemic racism, and oppression that occurs in the United States. 

ACE engages with their members efficiently through Instagram, using creative graphics in order to inform members about events and new projects. Their most recent meeting included a virtual screening of an educational documentary, diving into the different connections that race has in both social and biological groups. The Speaker Series has become a great way for people across the community to come together and learn more about different race related topics. The club will soon hear from Ivan Calaff, a research assistant at Columbia University, to speak about the justice and prison systems in America in the present day. Not only are the Zoom meetings easily accessible, but they are also live streamed on YouTube. In the future ACE plans on hosting food drives, volunteering at local homeless shelters, and expanding to other schools. To join ACE’s journey, you can follow their Instagram, and follow up with their website (


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