Habitat for Humanity: The ‘One More’ House

The West Lafayette community suffered a tragic loss and an immeasurable amount of heartache with the passing of Christian Thomas Burns in late May of last year. It was the loss of a son, brother, student, athlete, classmate and friend.

With many affected by the tragedy, those closest to Christian wanted to ensure that his legacy would be around forever. Christian’s friends and family came up with the idea to build a Habitat for Humanity house in his name. The building of this house would give a family a home in Lafayette, Indiana, but would give a family in Haiti a home as well.

The project drummed up so much support, that two houses were able to be built in his name in Lafayette, as well as two in Haiti. Christian’s friends, family, and fellow community members dedicated a day to building the houses in Lafayette for a local family. Those who participated in the build became involved because they wanted to honor the selflessness, courage, heart, and devotion that Christian brought into all of our lives.

The messages left on the framework for Christian, as well as the memories made on that day, are a testament to the legacy that Christian’s friends and family will continue to uphold in his honor. The houses that were built also represent the love that so many hold in their hearts for Christian- unwavering, selfless, and lasting beyond a measurable amount of time.

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