Hallway Madness

As many of you know, the hallways can be hectic in this school. The madness occurs many different times throughout the day. A very hectic part of the day starts in the morning right before the first hour bell. Whether you got to school later than normal, got caught up talking to friends, or were trying to finish your first hour homework till the last possible second, it’s a struggle to get all the way to the third floor since everyone tends to walk in big packs in the hallways. If they aren’t doing that, they have their eyes glued to their phones as if it will vanish if they take their eyes off it.

The next place where the hallways get a crazy is during the lunch hour, of course. I can personally say that sometimes I can’t even get past a group of friends because they think it’s okay to take up the whole hallway and not let anyone through. Plus you have the kids that run down the hallways to get their lunch first as if they haven’t eaten in years. Jessica Love, freshman, states that “The worst time to go through the hallways are definitely during the lunch time because of its crazy madness!” I’m sure many of us can agree as well.

If the morning or lunch wasn’t bad enough, there is also the best part of the day, the 3:20 dismissal bell. Many students, including myself, are ready to get home and relax after a long school day. According to Lauren Erickson , “After school its hard to get to swim practice on time with all the madness in the hallways.” As students are running out the doors, there are a few students that like to stand in the middle of the hallways talking to their friends as if they won’t see them tomorrow, which is okay, but they should just move out of the way of the madness of the kids trying to leave. So, as many of us know, waiting in the hallways is not fun and we tend to have certain times of the day that are a struggle trying to get to your desired location.


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