Harlow calculates value of passion

MATH AT IT’S FINEST; Harlow teaches 8th-grade students ordered pairs and relations.

“Growing up, the Red Devils were always the arch-enemy back then,” said Harlow. He went to high school at Harrison.

Mr. Harlow may be one of the new teachers in the math department, but he is definitely not new to teaching. He taught at Fountain Central for three years in the early 80s. He then taught at Frontier for 28 years and coached everything from Physical Education, football, basketball, cross country, golf, and track for eight of those years.

Due to his fondness and dedication towards teaching and coaching, he came back to teaching after four years of retirement. Since high school, Harlow’s favorite subject has been math and it continues to be so. He has taught all around from basic math to calculus, but mostly Algebra 2 and pre-calculus.

His teaching philosophy is to try to help the students be the best they can. He said, “They need to give to me and I give to them so you’re only going to get out of it what you put into it.” Sometimes students don’t want to try to be the best at a young age; however, when they get to a certain age they’re expected to keep up with their grades.

Math can be a challenging subject for some students; however, Harlow has significant directions to make the lessons engaging and fun for the students to learn. Harlow said, “I try to interject popular things asking them questions I try to ask a question of each and every day whether it be going through a homework assignment or class notes.” Math is viewed differently by students and Harlow respects that. ”There isn’t a whole lot I kind of like math people It’s either I like math or I don’t like math and so the ones that like it I don’t have to work too hard the ones that don’t like a little bit harder.”

Mike Harlow has enjoyed teaching at WLHS so far. He hopes the year goes well, to make new friends and to help the students reach their full potential.  “Being new like I am and I find out that it’s really not a lot different than any other school I’ve been at, it’s been enjoyable, the staff is great, hard-working, it’s easy to see how West Lafayette is such a quality school.”


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