HCO Contributes to the Community

WORKING TOGETHER:  As one HCO’s co-presidents, Nate Nauman explains some of the things the club does. “HCO is a high school club that serves the community by going to local elementary schools and hanging out with the kids. We work with them in their after school programs to help develop their social skills,” said Nate.

Giving back to the community is a goal for many different organizations. Helping out around the area may include picking up trash you see on the curb or donating food to the local food bank. HCO is a club at West Lafayette High School that works with the children in local areas.  Club member Daniel Park goes on to describe some of the activities they do with the children. “We usually play legos or outside sports including soccer and basketball. Immersing young children in an atmosphere full of kids of various ages builds their character and confidence,” said Daniel.

The acronym HCO originally stood for the “Hanna Center Organization,” but due to past issues, the club no longer volunteers there. “Since we no longer go there (Hanna Center), the acronym has been changed to stand for “Help, Create, Organize,” said Nate Nauman.

Daniel Park shares his thoughts on why he decided to join HCO. “I primarily joined this club because Nate was president and he’s a pretty cool guy. Then, I started attending events hosted by the club and I began to understand its goals and purposes. I really enjoy helping others,” said Daniel.

Sabrina Chang, a member who has recently joined HCO, shares her thoughts about the club. “I enjoy going to see the kids after school. The fact that we go visit them every week allows us to build real bonds with them. I like that a lot,” said Sabrina.

HCO takes their events very seriously and puts emphasis on their importance. “Almost every week we go to either Miller Elementary School or Wea Elementary School. We don’t have any events bigger than that, but we like to make each visit with the kids as special as it can be,” said Nate.


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