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 The Columbian Park Zoo entertains all ages.

   If you thought that the Columbian Park Zoo consisted of a single building with a couple of rabbits and a snake, prepare to have your mind blown.


     After recent renovations the new zoo is seriously impressive for the size of Lafayette. While they cannot boast about their lions, tigers, and bears (oh my) they can go on about their Otters, Prairie Dogs, and, wait for it… Wallabies! Yes, these incredibly adorable marsupials find a home at the zoo. Probably the coolest part of this set up is that they have their own enclosure that you can walk through so that you are separated from possibly the cutest animals on earth by only a small piece of wire.


      In addition to the Wallabies the zoo also holds an 80 year old tortoise that might be the last of its kind. Although, I did not get to see him personally since he was apparently hiding from everyone.


     What makes the Columbian Park Zoo so entertaining for any age is how interactive it has become. The Prairie Dog enclosure, for instance, is built around tunnels for actual people so you can crawl around just like the dogs. There are also bubbles that you can pop up in to get up and personal with the Prairie Dogs.


      The petting zoo is also a pleasure to hang out in. Besides the giant llama, miniature horses, and pot-bellied pig, there are also a lot of goats that walk right up to you. If you are not careful though they might try to eat articles of your clothing… or your camera strap.


      The Columbian Park Zoo is fun no matter how old you get (there was a lot of other high school students there) and is a great way to waste a few hours this summer, especially if you are broke- it’s free.


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