holidays come too early

It’s the middle of August and it’s boiling hot outside and you have all your windows rolled down playing your summer playlist. The last thing you want to see is a Christmas tree all decked out with ornaments and lights and be reminded of the cold snow and being broke from all the enormous amounts of gifts you have to buy for every family member.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas and the holidays, but I think it’s unnecessary to have decorations months before most people even think about marking what they have to do for the holiday on their calendar.  “It’s kind of excessive to put things up months in advance,” said Lex Craig ’15.

The holidays are something to look forward to and enjoy once a year when that time comes.  It makes it that much more special and actually makes sense instead of randomly having an extremely creepy and disturbing bloody zombie in your front yard in July.  Instead of making people feel ‘in the mood’ for Halloween and fall, you’re just making them feel skeptical of whether you are actually a messed up shut in who enjoys scaring little kids for no reason.

However, one of the most annoying things about celebrating the holidays too early is if people completely ignore the next upcoming holiday.

Michael Wang ’15 said that whenever he sees a Christmas tree early in November he thinks “what happened to Thanksgiving?”

Cindy Dong ’16 agreed and said, “I don’t really like [decorations months before the holiday] it.  Especially when there’s another big holiday coming before then.”

Overall, keep your Christmas tree, “beware”signs, blow up turkey, cupids with bow and arrows, or any other holiday decorations in your attic until the actual month of the holiday.  Unless it’s a plastic flamingo, feel free to keep it stored forever because they’re just tacky and don’t make sense in any season or time.


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