COME AND GET A WL BRACELET: Jessica Love ,10, Paige Hilleboe, 10, Olivia Pedley, 10,  pictured together giving out bracelets for homecoming spirit before the West side played against Twin lakes at Gordon Straley Field. “I thought today was really exciting with seeing the homecoming court winners, the pep rally, and the Huge blow out of the game against Twin Lakes!” Jessica Love, 10, said.


PAINTING BUTTERFLIES: Rebecca Wilcox, 11, painting on Aileen Huang, 11, at the homecoming tailgate. “The homecoming tailgate was a fun place to socialize with fans of all ages and get hype before the game.” Rebecca Wilcox, 11, said.


MARCHING DOWN LAGRANGE: Hands tucked behind their back, the She Devils march down Lagrange leading with the marching band. “I enjoyed marching in my last parade despite the gloomy weather” Hannah Wilcoxson, 12, said.


FRIENDS TALK: Hana khan, 9, Ania Ahsan, 9, Madeeha Sadiq, 9, pictured together at the homecoming tailgate, eating Coldstone, getting face art and just having a great time. “It was littyyyy” Hana Khan, 9, said.


DANCING IT OUT: Addison Jordan, 12, a senior this year nominated for the homecoming court dances to the music. “I dance for fun a lot but typically not around people, soit was kinda weird knowing that everyone was watching me. My friends hyped me up a lot though, so i enjoyed it!”, he said.


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