Hope Quattrocki takes the stage

In September of her 8th grade year, Hope Quattrocki ’15 suffered two concussions playing soccer.  Fortunately, the injuries that she sustained led her to discover her true passion of acting. “I was hooked, I loved it, everything about it” said Quattrocki.

“The great thing about having Chicago so close is there are a lot of opportunities”  said Quattrocki.

Quattrocki  is an aspiring actress who is graduating early to follow her dreams. She is debating whether to attend school first to build on her skills or try to find work.

Quattrocki has been a part of many school plays but prefers screen acting. Living in Indiana has restricted her but having Chicago close has opened many opportunities. Quattrocki landed a call back for a television show that is being filmed in Chicago. She will be playing an extra and started earlier this October.

Like any good actor, she looks up to many celebrities in her field. Quattrocki takes inspiration and learns from actors such as Robert Deniro, Al Pacino, and Jennifer Lawrence, and she watches their films to pick up their style and take lessons from them.

Hope Quattrocki is taking action this year towards her dreams.


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  1. Vin Bayley says:

    I’ve heard Hope is really talented! I wouldn’t be surprised if we started seeing her name on all our news feeds proclaiming her talent and love for performing!! I’ll definitely be watching to see where she goes!

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