How to be prepared for danger

The recent events involving the girls in Delphi have students everywhere terrified when they go out. It is best to avoid walking alone or walking at night, but when you are in a situation where you can’t avoid it, there are a few ways you can ensure safety.

  1. Set up a buddy system: While having a buddy system doesn’t always ensure your safety in certain situations, having a friend with you does make the likelihood of you looking like a target does decrease.
  2. Always have a charged phone: With a charged phone you can record people or conversations and send them to someone if you feel like you are in a potentially dangerous situation so your parents know who’s around you.
  3. Be honest with your parents on where you are: Don’t sneak around and always tell your parents who you are with and where you are. If something happens where you are, you parents will know sooner and be able to call you and know that you are safe.
  4. Download apps like Life 360: Life 360 is a group tracker app that has various features that could potentially save your life. There is an emergency button that contacts the police and 3 emergency contacts on your exact location. You can make different groups, like a family circle and friends circle. Life 360 also shows you registered criminals in your area and locations where various crimes happened so you can be aware of your surroundings.
  5. Carry Pepper Spray: While Pepper Spray is not permitted on school grounds, if you are walking around outside of campus, be sure to carry something that can stun somebody enough to get them off of you and you can run.

People never want to think about the worst case scenarios or getting hurt, but taking these steps could potentially save your life and you will always be prepared.

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