I could arrest you

Indecency on Instagram is embarassing but also illegal.

Instagram indecency is also often illegal.

We have all heard the lectures; It just takes one bad picture to ruin your chances at a good university, at a future.  Like all good advice, there will nevertheless be people who ignore it.

To those crude picture posters of my generation, I have just one question.  Do you think you’re cool?  No, but honestly?

Scrolling through my Twitter and Instagram timeline, it is not uncommon to see a picture of high schoolers and vodka bottles, or a tweet about how nice and fat that blunt is rolled up.  It is no secret that teenagers often participate in illegal activities, but it is extremely unnecessary to make that public information for public use.

How is that going to pan out when you’re 19, looking for a job, and a Google Images search reveals you and your favorite piece of paraphernalia, which you have so affectionately named “Smokahontas?”

And if you ever wanted to run for public office, or be a teacher, or have any career in which your character is on display, pictures will, undoubtedly, to put it nicely, completely screw you over.

Maybe worst of all is knowing in thirty years, when we all have teenagers of our own in the house, they might be able to find these juicy relics of illegal activities past.  Once they do, forget having any disciplinary authority over your kids, and forget them ever respecting you.

If these arguments aren’t enough to convince that putting up unsavory pictures is also stupid in every way, think about this: You should never willingly give anyone else something to hold over your head.  Once the images and videos are out there, you are completely exposed.   You have nowhere to hide.  Your fun Saturday night is at the disposal of the Internet-using world.  This includes your friends, your enemies, your teachers, the police.


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