Infamous sickness strikes everyone

When seniors finally receive their college letters of acceptance, seniors’ minds seem to go blank… for the rest of the semester. Second semester seniors all seem to have one thing in common,the lack of effort in class, but through different representations of it. Some seniors seem to try just a little less, while on the other extreme almost try none at all. One senior that was considered smart and seemed to enjoy doing schoolwork just stopped studying for that extra 20 minutes before class. Another senior stopped doing homework, stopped studying, and “got sick” every so often, knowing that he already has the next step on lock down. Even some younger class men seem to be affected by this lack of effort. As a junior most believe that they too have Senioritis, but they are just being lazy, which seems to have the same symptoms of it, but not nearly the high degree that is Senioritis. During finals week you’ll still see the under class men studying harder than ever, but yet the seniors are laughing as if there is not a care in the world. The seniors really seem to have the joy of leaving school, but they really don’t understand the difficulty of the road ahead.



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