it was a “rocky” start to the school year

The beginning of the school year started out shaky, even before the school year officially started for Ms. McClure. Monday morning, only a mere 3 days before students began their first day of school, she was told she had to move rooms, but not just one room over.he had to move to a whole other floor. What a crazy start to her first year at a new school. 

It may have been an interesting start, but McClure says, “This is my seventeenth year teaching. I really like being back in a small school because of the school pride. The RDP seems to be really present throughout everything here.”

Throughout the course of her day, she teaches 2 different subjects, and they’re the most opposite of subjects you could have, English, and Spanish. “It’s a lot of fun,” McClure says, “last year was the first year I didn’t teach The Great Gatsby, and I really missed it!”

 Travelling all over the world, she also says that having lived in Honduras, she enjoys bringing in the culture to the classroom as one of her goals. 

But McClure has a lot of hobbies outside of teaching that she pursues. “I rock climb. , I have rock climbed on two different continents. We climbed outdoors in Ecuador.” 

TEST TIME: As the students get ready to take a Spanish 1 Test, she went over their homework with them.

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