Jerry Ma ’14 programs his future

cracking Codes: Jerry Ma ‘14 and Harry Kim ‘14 spend their lunch going over code. Jerry Ma often spends his time in the library working with his friends.

CRACKING CODES: Jerry Ma ‘14 and Harry Kim ‘14 spend their lunch going over code. Jerry Ma often spends his time in the library working with his friends.

Jerry Ma’13 knows what he wants and he goes for it.  For Ma, “it”  means balancing lining up career opportunities with spending time playing games with friends. Ma attributes his love for coding to his time spent making maps for his friends.


“Getting involved in StarCraft got me into the technology behind computers and software,” said Ma.

Ma is glad to be able to make a career out of the thing he loves to do.  Over the summer, Ma interned with Facebook, which he said helped prepare him for the real world.  The best part though, according to Ma, was the tables of free drinks and food.

“It’s Disney land for programmers,” Ma said.  “It was really interesting learning experience getting to code for a system that has billions of users world wide.  I really enjoyed my time there.”

Ma competes in the US Computer Code Olympiad, where he made it to the final rounds two years in a row.


“He remains pretty humble through all of this,” said ZERO Robotics Teammate Chris Zhang’13.  The first thing you notice about Jerry is that “he’s a hard worker,” Zhang said.

According to Zhang, his friend has found success because of his dedication for the things he loves.

“He’s just really on top of things.  I see him during class and he always opens up his schedule and he’s always doing something very organized.  He portions out his time really well,” said Zhang.

Albert Hwang’13 said, “In terms of code he’s pretty spot on.  He tries to make as little mistakes as possible.  The things that he thinks are important he has a drive to finish.”


According to Hwang, Ma spends his time working with Zero Robotics, as the team’s mentor.  Ma helped lead the team to a second place finish in last years world competition.

“He’s got a lot of knowledge in certain fields like math, physics, and computer related things,” said Hwang, and he never hesitates to try and share his knowledge.


“He’s helped us with Orchestra by playing the drums for us,” said Hwang.

Ma is not sure what college he wants to attend, but he does have some things figured out. After he graduates at the end of December, Ma is going to complete another internship, before joining a new start-up company called IMO.IM.


“I’m really interested in taking a gap year before college and figuring out what I want to do,”  Ma said.


Show: Game of Thrones

Class: Band

Food: Flaming hot Cheetos

Drink: Mountain Dew

Animal: Panda Bear






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