“Jesus Is King” Album Review

On October 25th, 2019 Kanye West released Jesus is King. After much anticipation Kanye released his ninth album which has 11 tracks and is 27 minutes long. First of all, this album is not that good. Some of the songs are good, but some of the songs are just really bad. It’s honestly worse than Ye, which was already a disappointment. Here is a short analysis of all of the songs on the album.

  1. Every Hour: The whole song is the Sunday Service Choir singing. That’s it. No Kanye, no beat, no bass. Just a piano and a choir. Definitely not a good start to the album.
  2.  Selah: It’s probably one of the best songs on the album, but it’s not great by any means. The beat is pretty cool but the lyrics are the best part of the song. 
  3.  Follow God: This is the best song on the album. Hands down. The beat is amazing and the lyrics are not bad at all. Overall a very solid song. Definitely going on my playlist. 
  4.  Closed on Sunday: After two good songs back to back, this really kills the vibe. The beat is not good and the lyrics are just so, so bad. 
  5.  On God: The techno style beat is definitely a change of pace which is much needed after what we listened to the song before. I don’t know whether this song is good or if it just sounds good because of where it is on the album.
  6.  Everything We Need: This song features Ty Dolla $ign and Ant Clemons. The beat is pretty nice but the lyrics aren’t very good. The best part of the song is Ty Dolla $ign singing “We have everything we need.”  
  7.  Water: Another techno beat but this one is much worse. Also the lyrics are pretty bad. This song features Ant Clemons again but this time he does play a much more prominent role in the song. Overall the song is pretty boring and isn’t very good.
  8.  God Is: This is the best choir style song on the album. Unfortunately most of the choir style songs aren’t very good and this song just happens to be slightly better than the other ones.
  9.  Hands On: Thanks to a basic beat with mediocre lyrics this song isn’t very good. This song features Fred Hammond. He only comes on at the end of the song and it’s a miracle if you can make it that far without hitting the skip button.
  10. Use This Gospel: The song starts with a weird beeping noise which is rather annoying. The song itself is very slow and that annoying sound is playing the whole time and it is really, really annoying. It makes the song very hard to listen to.
  11. Jesus Is Lord: 49 seconds of Kanye West saying “Jesus Is Lord.” Yup. That’s all folks.


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