Joystick Reviews-the Destiny Series.

You’ve just woken up in the Old Russian Cosmodrome, to a robot voiced by Peter Dinklage or later, Nolan North. And the first thing you hear?

“Eyes up, Guardian.”

Then, you have to make a mad dash into a wall made of rusted metal, attempting to escape the creatures your new robot friend calls “Fallen.” Soon, you pick up a rifle in your attempt to escape, when your friend calls out.

“Fallen, incoming! They’ve found us!”

So begins the sci-fi epic known as Destiny from the creators of Halo, Bungie. The game is charged with grand vistas, powerful enemies, and epic loot to be found. As you start the game, you choose one of three Guardian classes. The Titan is good for players who tend to rush into things, guns blazing. The Hunter is for a fast-paced, quick-draw playstyle. The Warlock is for those who wish to support their teammates in the midst of battle.

Each class has unique abilities, manifesting in the forms of three elements, Solar, Void, and Arc. The Titan, for example, uses an Arc Ground-Pound, a Solar Throwing Hammer, and a Dome Shield made of Void energy. There are many more belonging to the Hunter and Warlock, including the flaming Golden Gun, and the Nova Bomb, a blast of all-consuming void energy.

Once you reach the Tower Plaza, the main social space, you meet the Vanguard, the mentor characters for each Class. Commander Zavala rallies the Titans, Ikora Rey tutors the Warlocks, and Cayde-6 rounds up the Hunters. Each character has in-depth lore and a story to tell, unlockable through Grimoire cards found in game.

The forces you must fight in Destiny are divided into four factions. The Fallen are scavengers, seeking to rebuild their race by any means necessary. The Hive are spell-casting undead from the outer reaches of space that worship powerful gods. The Vex are time-traveling, reality-bending robots that transform planets to machines. The Cabal are brute conquerors, with a powerful military and crushing weight. With the release of The Taken King and Rise of Iron expansion packs, we meet the Taken, essentially ghosts of Hive and other races controlled by a Hive God named Oryx. The Devil Splicers are Fallen that have empowered themselves with ancient nantotechnology known as SIVA.

Once you are properly equipped, you can venture to the Russian Cosmodrome, the Lunar Hellmouth, the Ishtar Sink on Venus, and the ruined city of Freehold on Mars. Expansions include the flagship of Oryx, the Dreadnaught, and the SIVA-infested Plaguelands on Earth. Or you can fight your fellow Guardians in the competitive player versus player mode known as the Crucible.

The ultimate challenges in Destiny are the four raids. With five other Guardians by your side, venture into the Vex underworld known as the Vault of Glass, breach the Ascendant Realm in Crota’s End, slay Oryx in King’s Fall, and end the Splicer threat in Wrath of the Machine. Each raid has unique gear and loot to power up your Guardian. With all this, you will certainly become Legend.

That is not the end, however. Destiny 2 brings a whole new story, a new enemy, and countless more to sate your thirst for adventure and glory. After the events of the first game, the Last City is attacked by the Cabal Red Legion, led by Dominus Ghaul. The City is captured, your Light is stolen, and the Vanguard is scattered. All hope seems lost…

Or is it? After regaining your Light powers, you venture into new destinations, reunite the Vanguard, and gain new allies in your fight to reclaim the Light. Characters include the gentleman sniper Devrim Kay, the steadfast Deputy-Commander Sloane, the ancient AI Failsafe, and the irritable scholar Asher Mir. In the end, you triumph over Ghaul and reclaim the City and the Light.

But your journey is not over yet. The first expansion, Curse of Osiris, has you ending a Vex plot to reshape the universe itself. Joining your team is the ancient scholar and Guardian known as Osiris, and his Ghost Sagira. Next, you venture to frozen Mars in Warmind, where a new army of ice-bound Hive is surfacing. With the aid of the Warmind Rasputin and Anastasia Bray, you kill one of the Hive Worm Gods, called Xol.

Finally, we come to the current state of the game, the massive Forsaken expansion. A riot in the Awoken Prison of Elders sends you and Cayde-6 to regroup with an old ally, Petra Venj. During your battle, you face the new enemy known as the Scorn, and witness the death of Cayde-6 at the hands of Uldren Sov and the eight Scorn Barons. Fueled by fury and vengeance, your journey takes you to the Tangled Shore, a heap of islands chained together, and the ancient Awoken Dreaming City. After finding and ending Uldren Sov, you must end the Curse in the Dreaming City by slaying Riven, the last of an evil dragon species known as Ahamkara.

Not only does Destiny 2 bring back each major faction except the Splicers, each is powered up with new enemies and abilities. However, new enemies means new ways to fight. Titans can power up the Sentinel Shield, and embody the Marvel superhero Captain America. Hunters channel lightning’s fury with the Arc Staff, acrobatically destroying all in their path. Warlocks use the flaming blade known as Daybreak to smite their foes from above. With countless more content available and coming soon, one thing is for sure.

New legends will truly and surely rise.

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