Patton lights the stage

Kelsey Patton ’13 can instantly turn anyone’s bad mood into a cheerful mood. Her friend, Maggie Furtner ’13, describes Patton’s dazzling personality as “happy, nice, bubbly, cute and whimsical. She’s such a good friend by being caring, sincere, fun, a perfect balance. Kelsey is the bomb dot com!”

So what is the secret to Patton’s eternal happiness that she so generously spreads around? Patton love’s music, like most happy people do. A talented musician, she has being playing the piano since the second grade. “At first I wanted to quit but then I realized it is very relaxing and de-stressing.” On top of being a dedicated pianist, Patton writes her own music and plays the piano at her church youth group. “I think one of my biggest accomplishments would be writing my own songs, along with working at Silver Dipper.”Patton also plays the guitar and is a member of the girl’s glee club, Perfect Pitches. Patton shares her love and compassion for others by being involved in SHO (Student Humanitarian Organization).

Patton also plays varsity soccer. One of her teammates, Meghan Moody ’14, says, “Kelsey is literally the nicest person I have ever met.”

Patton also participates in the French Club. Since communication with others is one of Patton’s greatest strengths, it is not surprising that she appreciates foreign languages. “I love different cultures and being able to communicate with everyone, it would be really cool to be an interpreter.” In the future, Patton would like to go to either Wheaton college or Grove City College to study foreign languages as either a major or a minor.

In addition to foreign languages, Patton’s favorite class is Film Lit, because, “Mr. Schaeffer is an amazing teacher.” Her other favorite teachers are Mr. Aufderheide and Mr. Ohlhaut.

Patton attributes her parents for who she is today, “I’ve started to realize it this year how much my parents do for me. Also Jesus Christ, He’s the source of my joy and even though I mess up, He forgives me and continues to pursue me.” says Patton.

Kelsey Patton intently practices the piano.

The secret to Patton’s sunny disposition is also her ability to recognize the blessings in her life. Maya Alexander ’14 says, “Kelsey is not only amazing at soccer, but also an amazing person all around.”

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