WANT S’MORE? Harry Shook,12, blowtorches his teams s’mores cupcakes during cupcake wars in advanced nutrition and wellness. This unique technique was the judges favorite cupcake.¬†Harry Shook says “I’d seen people toast meringue with a blow torch on TV before, so I thought it would be cool if we did it too.” Trying a new method for the first time was a success.

FONDANT. Jaliyah Williams,11, uses her artistic abilities to make fondant for her beach themed cupcakes. Her teams cupcakes were the most decorative, but wasn’t enough for the win. Jaliyah Williams,11, says “The fondant was already made, we just added food coloring, and I shaped it.”

HOW GRATE! Isaac Romig,12, gets proper technique to grate a lemon from the advanced nutrition and wellness teacher, Mrs. Jones. Although, his team’s cupcakes weren’t the winning batch, Isaac Romig says “It was pretty neat. I thought the idea to actually have a miniature version of the TV show Cupcake Wars was definitely awesome. Even though my group got second place, I really enjoyed the experience.”

CHEERS! The members of kitchen five, Emilka Kaluta,12, Harry Shook,12, Emma Braun,12, and Carson Cooke,10, earn bragging rights for the rest of the school year. Their pumpkin spice and s’mores cupcakes were the four judges favorite in the whole class. Emilka Kaluta,12, expressed her accomplishment by saying, “Winning cupcake wars did not come easy. We had to come in before school to remake both of our cupcakes, but hard work pays off. And it was really fun.”

SECOND PLACE MESS. Emma Dickson,12, gets messy while icing kitchen threes cupcakes with a meringue topping. Kitchen three and five had the same idea of a s’mores cupcake, but only one of them pulled through with the win. Emma Dickson,12, says, “We tried imitating the texture of a s’more and used a toasted meringue frosting to give it a marshmallow flavoring. I think one of the determining factors in cupcake wars is flavor composition and being able to create complex flavors that go well together.”

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